OpenJS Book Club Group to discuss 'Working in Public'

Hi all, the OpenJS community is having a ‘book club’ meeting on 24 March at 3 p.m. ET to discuss Working in Public. As this is a topic area near and dear to many sustainers, I wanted to extend the invitation. Let me know if you’d like a calendar invite!


I’d love an invite.

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I’m interested!

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Count me in. Shameless plug:


Great Choice! I’ve used it in my Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software class this semester, did a section or two a week for the first few weeks. My students do three Comm Arch evaluations and I’m having them try to pick one Stadium, Federation and Club project. You can check their first and second ones (third one starts next week) at

Please send an invite my way.

Stephen Jacobs Director, Open@RIT Professor, School of Interactive Games and Media Visiting Scholar, The Strong National Museum of Play Wanna meet?

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RE your students’ project - that’s great!!! I was thinking about doing an analysis of our (OpenJS) projects using Nadia’s framework, and it looks like your students have taken that rubric a lot further. I’d love to hear more!

I’d like an invite too. :slight_smile:

HI Jory! We’ve been teaching one variation or another of this course for going on 12 years now. THe Comm Arch assignment was first created by Professor Dave Shein, modified by Professor D. Joe Anderson and this is my current version. Nadia’s nomenclature and groupings were just added for this time around.

This is a radical revision of the course so nothing’s in a repo or anything until I’ve had a chance to asses how well the revision has worked :slight_smile:

That said, here’s a public version of the sillybus that has links that should work to some of the major assignments, including the Comm Arch one.

Also of note, guest lecturers Flory, Nolan, Kottler and Ogboru are all alums of RIT, and this course. Everyone but Ogboru graduated with our minor in Free and Open Source Software and Free Culture (she dates back to before we had one) Guest lecturer Decausemaker worked with me to help create and run some of my programs in the early days and, after he got his MS, taught it for a while.

The minor’s due for a revision in the next 12 months or so. We’ll likely swap the Project course and Biz and Legal in the required courses, get rid of the “Choice of One” required course, move them down into electives and refresh the electives list. There’s been a bunch of new courses created in other departments over the years that would be a good fit. The electives are generally wither courses that look at subjects tangential to FOSS or are required courses in other majors that use FOSS tools

Hi everyone! I finally decided to read the book thanks to this post :slight_smile: Just finished it, so I can also join!