Please provide feedback on blog post mention of Funding Index


Please provide feedback on a blog post I am working on that mentions the Funding Index.
I am targeting this towards
Is this the way we want to talk about our idea?

The section reads currently:

Second, Funding Index, is an early stage idea that revolves around donations. Donations provide a project with money without restrictions. Donations benefit companies but the publicity effect is short lived. At SustainSummit, we developed an idea to capture donations more permanently and create a funding index. Donations would be logged and aggregated across companies and projects. Similar to consumer rating agencies who rate products and services, this index would rate companies by how much they donate to open source projects. We could produce a badge for “#1 donor to open source” or #1 donor to infrastructure open source projects” or “#1 mid-sized company donor to open source”. Such a badge would extend the publicity effect of donations and hopefully incentivize companies to donate more. Funding Index exists in a first prototype and welcomes discussions on the GitHub repository or Discourse Forum.


PS: I want to submit the blog post by November 22nd, sorry for the short time frame.


Nice! I would just add:

relative to how many employees they have.

And take out the link to the GitHub repo since I’d prefer to keep most discussions here.


Thanks @erlend_sh! I made those changes!


Just to close this discussion, here is the finished and published blog post:


I read it before I saw it come up here, so it was cool to see our little project suddenly mentioned “out in the wild” :laughing: Great article!