Principles of Open Source Institutional Design

Hi folks - finally got back around to this! thx for your patience.

I’ve taken some steps to align the Principles from our group with the output from the Governance Readiness workgroup, which I think are different aspects of the same idea.

The Governance Readiness group articulated a bunch of questions that could be compiled in a checklist to help open source community deliberation. I finally found time to go through those questions and see how they align with the principles from this group – and the matrix of principles vis a vis layers of resources that we began drafting in January.

See the result here, and in a table in our original source document as well.

Moving forward, I’m eager to hear feedback – does this alignment seem to make sense? Both in the aims/outputs of the two workgroups, and also on a topical basis? How can this be made more useful, and how should we iterate on it?

Thanks! greg