Describing OSS Governance Model Choices -- IEEE SA Open

Hi @greggish, @jlcanovas, and everyone,

I’m the lead of the IEEE SA Open Community Advisory Group. One of the topics that came up during this week’s meeting was governance.

A little background: IEEE SA Open is a new platform that will be hosting open source projects under the IEEE umbrella. Each project will be allowed to make its own choices regarding governance of the project.

The current idea is to use Mozilla report on Open Source Archetypes as a starting point for helping projects make governance choices.

I think, in developing such a guide for projects, it would be great to bring in the resources we already developed here in SustainOSS and to use Ostrom’s model to ensure we thought about all aspects of governance.

I invite you to join the conversation at IEEE SA Open in the Community Advisory Group. I expect we’ll set up a dedicated work group for the governance topic. Let me know if you want more information.

Best, Georg


Hi @GeorgLink

looks interesting. I also think that resources created in Governance Readiness WG could be useful there. The extension with the Ostrom’s principles would also be helpful. Maybe it could be an interesting “test bed” (and also a new working line to promote the work and keep the WP alive :smiley: ).

I’ll check the Community Advisory Group. It would be great if you keep me in the loop. Thanks!


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Awesome, I will :slight_smile:

That seems like a really good idea; it would be really interesting to intersect the archetypes with the “OSS-flavored” Ostrom framework you all have developed.

Thanks, Georg! I’m certainly interested.

Also, re that Open Source Archetypes report, I mentioned our work on the governance guide to James Vasile of Open Tech Strategies, and he expressed enthusiasm at the prospect of applying Ostrom’s framework to these conversations; maybe he’d be interested in discussing ways to comparatively analyze the Archetypes framework (which, as I recall, is more about business models, less about governance design) alongside our governance framework.

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Yes, absolutely. The Archetypes overlap business models with governance and license choices. – I think this would be interesting indeed.