Workshopping the SustainOSS Governance Guide

Hi folks! Last year we put together the Principles of Governing OSS Commons, and then we merged that artifact with the Governance Readiness Workgroup’s question set to produce this matrix of Questions to Ask Frequently.

Together with @jlcanovas of the aforementioned Governance Readiness group, and @GeorgLink of CHAOSS, e’re preparing to introduce these materials at a workshop in the upcoming MozFest. We’ll share the backstory of how we came to produce this framework through SustainOSS conversations, and invite folks to engage with, critique, and help revise the materials.

We’d like to practice this session by hosting it with a group of SustainOSS community members first. Would you be interested to join an hour-long session where we review this Governance Guide, see how it holds up in light of your experience, and consider how it can be made more useful?

Indicate your interest here and we’ll look for a time to connect in the first week of March.

Thanks! greg


I would love to, assuming the timing works!

Sounds great am put me down for that!

Awesome! I also received interest from @gunner, so that gives us a good group with which to get started.

I believe we have people spanning GMT to PST, so I’ve picked a narrow band of 11a/12p EST slots in the first week of March that I can do. Indicate your availability on the Survey here: Doodle - Make meetings happen

Looking forward! ~greg

Hi @greggish -for future reference, if you folks want to use a fully FOSS alternative to Doodle Polls, this is what the equivalent poll looks like using NextCloud’s Poll app (on my personal instance)… Public NextCloud Poll Because FOSS doesn’t have a marketing budget, the best way for us to introduce it to lots more people and make it sustainable is to use it at every opportunity! Happy to assist anyone wanting to set one of these instances up.

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Dave, thanks for sharing. Great to know about that tool! (Does it offer the option to indicate ‘if need be’?)

Also, did you (or someone else?) fill in a response there under the name Steve? Or is that a ‘sample steve.’ Trying to figure out if we need to reconcile survey results now…


Hi Greg - I’m afraid I don’t know who Steve is (wasn’t me :slight_smile: ) - Yes, when setting up a poll, you can allow a “maybe” or if need be option.

Hi folks – it’s looking like March 4th at 12p EST is the likely best bet. (Tough call here… but 11a no longer works for me :frowning: )

I’m going to loop back and confirm with a few folks, but please pencil that in for now.

Thanks! greg


I am Steve :slight_smile:

Stephen Jacobs Director, Open@RIT Professor, School of Interactive Games and Media Visiting Scholar, The Strong National Museum of Play Wanna meet?

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Sorry I can’t make it, we’re interviewing for a new department head and they’ve added their presentation to conflict with you presentation. Kinda gotta show up for that work thing :frowning:

Good luck with it!

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Sorry it didn’t work out timing-wise, keep a lookout for the notes and let me know if you’d like to connect to discuss some other way!

OK let’s lock it in: March 4th at 12p EST.

I’d like to create a calendar item and invite folks in. (Are there any open source calendaring tools of choice that would send out CALDAV invitations? Otherwise I will just use my GCal, but would be happy to keep learning about OS alternatives :wink: