Re: The curl bus factor


I use curl a lot. In fact we all use (lib)curl a lot throughout the day without even knowing. As a sustainer, this concerns me:

Do I know who would pick up the project and move on if I die today? No. We’re a 100% volunteer-driven project. We create one of the world’s most widely used software components (easily more than three billion instances and counting) but we don’t know who’ll be around tomorrow to work on it. I can’t know because that’s not how the project works.

Basically, in a nutshell, if the author of curl, Daniel Stenberg dies tomorrow, the future of curl is up-in-the-air.

This is one project billions of people use each day without any governance. With Daniel leaving/left Mozilla, maybe he can join the Linux Foundation and/or get help establishing one? If he doesn’t want to join a foundation, what other options does he have?

FWIW I have nothing against Daniel, in fact, I’m a huge fan (he knows)! All I want is curl to survive for as long as it is needed. The current situation puts that in jeopardy.


Maybe the Core Infrastructure Initiative would be willing to fund development of curl, since it is an important tool?


Yes good call. I found this interesting:

So I guess one goal of receiving funding by the CII would be getting curl to “gold” level criteria?


Some curl updates.