Request: Create new "Technology" category, move "Blockchain" as sub-category/tag

Hey, one more quick suggestion. :smile:

It’s neat that we have a Blockchain category on the site, but it is a very narrow topic. I think it makes more sense to create a Technology category and do one of the following with the current Blockchain category:

  1. Move it as a sub-category of Technology category, OR
  2. Move Blockchain posts to Technology, give them a blockchain tag, delete Blockchain category

I think it is better to keep forum topics more broad and general in their earlier days, and as activity grows, gradually create more narrow discussion groups as demand increases.

Just a thought. Thanks!

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Hey @jdorfman, did you happen to see this?

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I did now. Yeah, we can do a subcategory. Any other subs you think would be a good fit?

@jdorfman I had some other ideas here:

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@jwf you are now an admin so go for it =)

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This is now done. I consolidated the two blockchain threads down into a more broadly defined Technology and Open Source category.


So much better. Great work @jwf!