Request for comments: The Sustainys

I think It is time for an award ceremony for open source sustainers. I’m thinking they will be handed out at the next event. Categories:

  • Sustainer of the year (2018)

    • Individual
    • For-profit Organization
    • Non-profit Organization
  • Best Documentation

  • Best Fundraiser

  • Best Accessibility

  • Best Governance

  • Best Researcher

  • Best Blog Post

  • Best Community Manager

  • Best Licensing Advocate

  • Lifetime Achievement

What categories are missing?


Hey this is a good initiative and I am sure that people would feel motivated and inspired for being an Open Source Sustainers.
Just a suggestion as Open Source Contribution includes lot of things like Open Source Coder, Open Source Designer, OS Outreacher ,etc defining these things also would be encouraging.

@jdorfman what’s your opinion

Outreach could be one. Coder, designer, don’t really fall under the “sustainer” umbrella. There are coders and designers that are also sustainers but that isn’t the point of this award. It’s too shine a light on those who rarely get any recognition.

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I think this is a solid base. Even running an award for these three will still be a significant amount of work but it also is small enough to test the idea out. It would be cool to see this gain more traction.

I think these two are also interesting categories.

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I really like this idea and am happy to see that the categories include both the developers and user side of the house.

Best new Sustainer
Like best new artist of the year. I think that this would be a great way to promote the new adoption and make new contributors feel welcome.

Top Community
Perhaps an award to acknowledged a community for going above and beyond to sustain. I guess at the end of the day it would be about promoting or strengthening some core sustainer virtue… (i.e. if a community is able to support the growth of their sustainers in number or diversity or if they do something that can support the whole community like build visability for everyone)