Suggestions for the Sustain Open Source Design Podcast!

Hello Sustain community!

We are interested to know what questions/topics you want to hear about on the Sustain Open Source Design (SOS Design) podcast AND who you want us to talk to! Please share ideas, questions, prompts, people, projects or whatever comes to mind!


I am not versed in all this (so not sure if this is at all helpful for you), but first things that pop to my mind: People involved with the development (not necessarily coders only) of GIMP, Inkscape and LibreOffice.

Maybe followed by developers of CSS Toolkits (bulma, font awesome? - although both are not the typicall OSS projects). And basically everything from this list sounds interesting: . :slight_smile:


Would love to hear more about Open Design (design as in graphic design [think open source design] , not software design) and related topics such as participatory design, both from people who are running open design projects and people who participate in it.

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Adding notes here from a conversation on twitter:

It could be interesting to do a session on participatory design & open source!

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I’d love to hear from someone with experience moving from designing GUI products (Ie. working on interaction, usability etc) to designing non-GUI products (Eg. API products, or software where the interface is a CLI).

How did they apply the principles of design to that kind of UI? What tools and resources did they use to guide them? What kind of changes did they need to make in their working practices?

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