Sustain Africa 2022 Community Report

Hi friends :wave:t5:

Since the last Sustain event in Brussels, we host a Sustain Africa event every year at Open Source Community Africa (during the yearly festival), which is a subset of the global Sustain OSS summit but for OSS maintainers and contributors in Africa. This year we documented the results of the conversations, and I thought to share them with you all. You can read the report/summary on our blog, and do let me know what you think, please.

I recently saw the Sustain Event 2021 report here and would be sharing that with members of our community too. It looks super comprehensive and contains very useful strategies and solutions our community can benefit from. Thank you!

If thereโ€™s any opportunity for us to collaborate and share useful resources with members of the African OSS ecosystem, please let me know too.

Cheers! :blue_heart:


Great report well done to you and the rest of the Sustain + OSCA folks for this years festival :tada: :heart:


Thanks a lot, Eriol.

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This is a great report, Bolaji! Want to come on the podcast to talk about it? It should get more eyes that way.


Thanks Richard. Sure, letโ€™s do it!

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