Sustain Episode #33: Font Awesome


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Dave Gandy Font Awesome Founder | CEO Fonticons, Inc.


22:39 “It turns out all of that failure was actually not failure, because all of those things we had done leading up to it, ended up being tremendous assets when it came time for Kickstarter.”

23:36 “No matter how good your intuition is on the first version of a product, the only way to get better is to talk to customers.”

34:02 “Everything is impossible until it’s done and then it was always inevitable.”

34:13 “When you believe before you start something that you can’t do it, you will always be right. No matter what, you’ll always be right!”

34:35 “If we don’t have faith in something that doesn’t exist, it can’t come into existence, until you believe that something could become real that doesn’t exist yet, it can’t.”

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