Sustain our Docs Pilot Episode

Hi all, we just launched a pilot episode of a new show called “Sustain our Docs” with fellow sustainers @pkafei and Eric Holscher.

We would love to get your feedback.

Download & Show Notes:




Great news!

I wonder if you can tell us a little bit about the scope? Is it just docs about the “product” at the heart of a project or maybe docs about the community, too? (I have a greater interest in the latter)


Hello @rachel_norfolk!

The podcast will discuss documentation as a way to financially sustain open-source projects. We will discuss documentation that can be used as content marketing for open source projects.

Our motivation for this podcast is to show open source projects that there are ways to monetize without relying on a tip jar or VC money. I got tired of seeing really smart developers not being able to maintain financially sustainable open source projects.

Many developers also don’t realize that they can use documentation as outreach and content marketing.

In this podcast, Eric and I will cover

  • documentation best practices
  • how to use documentation as content marketing for nerds
  • building an audience with Getting Started Guides and tutorials
  • interviewing folks with financially successful open source projects
  • actionable marketing and sales tactics for open source projects

Much of the podcast is loosely based on some concepts covered in the “Nerds don’t respond to marketing; try technical documentation instead” article and Eric’s work with “Write the Docs” and EthicalAds.