Interesting funding calls

I was pointed to this Wellcome Trust RFP recently:

I thought this community might be interested in it (in general, not specifically, as LOIs are due today), along with the following NSF call that has gotten much more publicity: Pathways to Enable Open-Source Ecosystems (POSE) | Beta site for NSF - National Science Foundation

It’s interesting to see a couple of distinct funding agencies thinking along roughly similar lines regarding sustaining open source.


It is nice to see such initiative. Can’t say they don’t instill hope. But for a ordinary developer, who is just making maintaining own lib that might not even become hugely popular - is it really possible to jump in the boat? I guess dealing with these funds requires a bureaucratic superpowers which none of us, developers, possess.

Thanks for sharing, @danielskatz! I hadn’t seen the Wellcome Trust one.

The NSF RFP is really interesting, too. Their call for new organizations, and not just for new infrastructure, is also interesting. I couldn’t figure out why they seem interested in building new foundations who are also responsible for making new infrastructure, and not just funding the infrastructure itself, unless I am misreading the following:

The goal of the POSE program is to fund new OSE managing organizations, each responsible for the creation and maintenance of infrastructure needed for efficient and secure operation of an OSE based around a specific open-source product or class of products.