The US Government Requests Public Comment on Open-Source Software Security and Memory Safe Programming Languages

In case you missed it :point_down:

"(The US government) is announcing a Request For Information (RFI) on open source software security and memory safe programming languages.

In addition to its many benefits, the ubiquity of open-source software in commercial products, government systems, and military platforms presents unique security risks. For this reason, the White House established an interagency working group with the goal of identifying policy solutions and channeling government resources to foster greater open-source software security across the ecosystem.

This RFI seeks public and private sector input as federal leadership develops its strategy and action plan to strengthen the open-source software ecosystem and … input from stakeholders to develop and implement long-term and sustainable policy solutions."

The deadline is November 8.

Here is a related LinkedIn post from the Open Policy Alliance.

Last, my humble draft on proposing to establish a (scalable) public fund in the US to finance the open source ecosystem, similar to Sovereign Tech Fund. Feedback is more than welcome! :pray:

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I saw this, too! We’re thinking about submitting a document that I’ve been working on for the Academic working group. I’d be curious about your thoughts about it - OSS in Academia - Google Docs.

How do you want feedback on your draft?

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Thank you, Richard; you can share your comments on the document directly.

Let’s also mention we will have a Sustain Together call tomorrow at 1:00 pm ET (17:00 UTC) about this RFI: