Diversity in Open Source WG

We’re having a kick-off WG meeting this Friday at 1:00pm EST to talk about diversity in open source. If you’re keen on this subject, please let me know here or in DM and I will include you. Our goal is to find synergy and figure out what we can productively do to improve the open source and open source sustainability places, together.

I’m very excited about this one!


I’m keen, thanks Richard!

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Count me in! :nerd_face:

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I’m also interested! Though I don’t think I can make it this Friday. Can you post notes/agenda topics for review after the fact?

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I’m very happy to, yes. I’m also happy to sync up with you afterwards. :slight_smile:

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I would love that - it’s been too long!

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I’m keen about this. Thanks.

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  • Fill out this Doodle poll for the next meeting. Shut-off is Wednesday night.
  • Add resources you know of here.
  • Reach out for notes from last time.

Hey all. We had a productive meeting the Friday before last, but I forgot to update those of you who weren’t there on it! We went around and talked about our shared interests in having more diversity in open source, and discussed where we would like the group to go. The main thrust of the meeting was this: We need to have a survey on what teams are working on diversity, and which projects and research already exists on the subject.

Towards that end, we’ve been adding resources to the document. Given recent discussions, and the lack of major input so far, I’ve moved that document to this etherpad.

I have minutes which I can share privately, if anyone is interested. Send me a PM. I don’t want to drop it here until I’ve gotten consent from everyone else to do so.

Finally, here is a doodle poll for this week’s meeting, as not everyone could make the last one: Doodle - Make meetings happen.

:wave: Looking forward to meeting again tomorrow at 1500 EST. Let me know if anyone would like to come but doesn’t have an invite.

Last time, we decided to pool resources so that we could map the space better, here. Etherpad

If anyone has any more, it’d be great to have them added!