Fixing Work, Wealth and Growth

While I say Nigeria in the article, I believe it is a protocol, process or system that can be applied anywhere in any community or project or place. This is more or less me expanding on what I shared here before.

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I didn’t read the whole book yet, but I think you’re exploring a similar concept:

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I heard about Balaji’s concept this week! I’ve had this idea and this protocol since 2018 :sweat_smile: so I don’t know if it is similar, but it does give a bit of credibility to the whole thing.

I am definitely not saying anything about crowfunding territory or gaining recognition from existing states, I think that current system is broken, so why try to align to piggyback or connect to it?

Break-off completely and use new systems, lenses and everything else!

Also, communities are existing and have been in existence for a while, humans are communal creatures. But we seem to only see economies and growth with the physical versions of these communities, when digital ones are creating way more value and connections and trades than ever possible in a physical world, see RPG games like Elden Ring or Fortnite or COD or WoW, and see existing digital communities.

But they are missing something, they aren’t able to create new ‘life’ in these communities, and they aren’t able to give back or translate in these communities, so they rely on external creation and are thus not self-sufficient which takes us back to our current world of inflation and scarcity caused by factors and institutions that are outside our purview.

But in the open source world, we’ve seen creation and translation occur smoothly, what is missing is growth and wealth creation. And startups have aced this. So why not do like lego bricks and bring together the key connections and processes to create truly sustainable digital communities that have their own economies and ecosystems of market and life, where they can just be.

Now thats a true digital nation there, definitely different from what Balaji spoke about in that book.