Twitter Spaces on Open Source Sustainability

Hello SustainOSS Community!

On Twitter, I recently started hosting a small discussion about sustainability, developer onboarding, challenges faced by Maintainers and a few other issues.

I’d like to keep getting suggestions, especially for the following questions.

  • How to get the right developers for a project?

  • Do we need to rationalize and split the need of beginners or expert contributors?

  • For diverse project environments, sustainability issues must be addressed in different ways. What are some of the better effective approaches?

Adding a Thread for Twitter Space on 23rd April, Saturday

Thanks to @jdorfman for sharing great insights!


Talks are nice, but I don’t believe they would do much impact without metrics, and the main metrics for me is how many people who identify themselves as open source maintainers are actually feel backed up?

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I agree! We’re bringing in more spaces especially with maintainers. I have been having conversations with them lately. Will definitely update here.