Blog post that mentions Sustain Summit academic session

Hey y’all,

Myself, Emmy Tsang, and Mateusz Kuzak have co-authored a blog that includes a short section on the academic open source session we had at the Brussels summit. The content is pretty innocuous (no names mentioned), but in the spirit of the sharing rules discussed on the day we thought it would be fairer to share the post with y’all for a few days before going ahead and posting it publicly.

The 4th section is the sustain-specific one:

Please feel free to comment if anyone feels like anything should be changed or shouldn’t be shared in the sustain section - we’ll submit to for publication this weekend if we don’t hear any further.

Thanks folks!



Thanks for sharing. Great article!

I made several suggestions free for you to accept or discard.

May I suggest to also email the CHAOSS mailing list?


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Hey @yoyehudi, this is an awesome summary. :raised_hands:

I’m quoting an excerpt from the Google Doc:

To this end, I’d like to plug the RIT LibreCorps initiative, which is an academic initiative at the Rochester Institute of Technology that teaches sustainable open source to non-profits / humanitarian orgs working to build communities around their software projects. This article is a good explainer of the work being done there:

As someone who has come up in open source from LibreCorps, I think it is a great example of empowering younger folks to get involved in the wider open source movement and incubates new leaders with experience in sustainable open source.

I know the evaluation rubric and milestone roadmaps are familiar to eLife Innovation. :smile: These were created by students through the LibreCorps initiative: