Idea for 2023 summit: Sustain Governance Readiness Checklist mini-project

Hi folks, over the last few months of meetings, we were having early discussions about what a satellite event co-located with the next Sustain OSS Summit might look like and what activities we would organize for there.

One example of inter-group collaboration with Sustain, I was recently using the Sustain Governance Readiness Checklist organized by @jlcanovas. I keep coming back to this as a helpful resource to facilitate discussion and guide thinking about open source. I thought it could make for an interesting project for us to consider to support a redesign of the checklist as an activity during the summit.

What a redesign means could be discussed, but generally I was thinking of ways to make the site more visual or interactive than it is currently. This could involve user testing in-person or virtually, creating visualizations or flowcharts of complex questions, and improving the logical grouping of content presented to the reader. I think this is a narrow enough project that it could be worked on during a mini-summit, and if not fully completed, then coordinated for launch after the summit.

Any thoughts or opinions on this as a mini-project? Is it too hands-on for what we are thinking or would something like this be useful to pursue?


This sounds great to me. I was just talking to @greggish today about the idea of having this turned into an interactive form, too (his idea).

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Right on!

As Richard alluded, I was recently in touch with @Dr-G who worked on Internews’ Open Source Software Needs Assessment toolkit – which we discussed here as a potentially relevant counterpart to the components of the Governance Guide that we’ve been (very slowly) developing. Gina has moved on from Internews but gave me a contact there with whom I can follow up.

In my mind, these components – the principles and matrix of questions, plus a needs assessment tool, and also maybe just maybe Community.Rule – could be different components that assemble into something truly valuable. A Governance Guidance Voltron.

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