Book about licensing

I’m writing a book about open source licensing (

Different than the other books about this subject, my intention is to highlight practical examples about what could go wrong when someone misuse open source licenses. I also have some examples on hand, but it always nice to have more.

That being said, I’d like to know whether any of you have an interesting story to share about some licenses problems?


How do you address sustainability concerns in your book?

I don’t know if it is interesting or not, but the recurring story about open source licensing is that it becames more and more of a corporate commodity than a piece of art. With no mechanism to support people behind open source, the whole idea of maintaining for free becomes less and less appealing.

I wrote this article recently on my blog. It will probably be interesting to you.

Not sure if you know Tom Callaway, but he is notorious for having some very interesting stories from informally and formally doing license compliance work in Linux distributions:

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