Design & UX working group topic: Bottom lining, landing page and comms

Starting this thread for the Design & UX working group to a-sync discuss the following topics:

  1. Bottom lining as a shared role and the definition of bottom lining.
  • Wiki located here in our Taiga kanban board. Please add more details and definitions of ‘bottom lining’ to this wiki.
  1. How do we want to develop our landing page and/or a Linktree and/or a better way of surfacing what we’re doing to our potential audiences? What do we want to change/acheive with a LP or linktree etc.

In “sustainability” context I would use the standard definition of negative “bottom line” to show how underfunded open source compared to traditional outsourcing projects with hourly rates.

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I’ve edited the wiki for the bottom-liner notes. @abitrolly this wasn’t about bottom-lining meaning funding projects, but rather a term we use in the working groups to refer to someone in charge of moving WGs forward.

I thnk suggesting people “join the conversation on discourse” could perhaps be improved, especially to mention that we use Taiga and that attending the meetings is the best way to get involved with others, here. We also need to change the text from Georgia to you, I believe, Eriol.

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If new terms won’t conflict with existing meaning for the same words, that would help ideas to spread faster. The conflicts like these may provoke the discussion, but may most likely leave a professional with useful feedback in a confused state of mind over what’s going on.