Needs review: How to get involved with Design & UX Working Group

Hi folks! As discussed in yesterday’s call, I put together some words to explain what all we do in our WG. Great to get thoughts and review from folks here!


I don’t feel like I’m skilled enough to review this PR…there’s a lot of automated checks etc. and even though it’s just text etc. changes I’m worried I won’t check things accurately :frowning:

You definitely are :smiley: BUT…

This is a fair concern because we, as a Working Group, have never clarified what a GitHub review is, or what is expected of someone who is making a review. In this case, I am not looking for a deep software-oriented double-check on whether the website is building, whether the checks mean the right thing, etc. I was focused on the content and making sure that the words we are saying makes sense to other folks in the Working Group.

Not sure if this is something worth documenting in itself, or if we just need to figure out a process for how we make reviews?

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I think the sustain repo scares me a bit as there are lots of things in there that are tests etc. and I looked and went hmmm that must have complicated stuff in it. I’ll give it another glance and see whether I can push through the discomfort! haha

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@Erioldoesdesign That works too. I still think this would be a good chat in our monthly meets so everyone is on the same page too. :slightly_smiling_face: I have a hunch you are just first to voice this feeling.

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