DevLake: An Apache incubated Open source tool that gives deeper insights to code

Hey everyone!

My friends at DevLake (an Apache incubated open source project) have created a tool to assist engineering teams.

It provides insights into code and SDLCs to Founders, Maintainers and CTOs via dashboards generated by DevLake. These insights are generally not provided by Github or GitLab.

You can also check out the reference article

AMA with team DevLake (video)

We’re really looking into how we might broaden its benefits to the open-source community.

Any input would be really appreciated, and respond in this thread if you’re looking forward to explore this tool and giving some feedback on the same!


Have you seen CHAOSS software? How do you compare DevLake to it?

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Thanks for asking Anatoli! Devlake focuses on DX (Developer Experience) and also makes it easy for dev teams, CTOs to generate dashboards and dive deeper into the code. Currently supports GitHub, GitLab, Jira and Jenkins.

@moderators, Hezheng (Lead Maintainer, Apache DevLake PMCC Member) is trying to answer this question. It would be great if we can review and accept it.

Thanks for the comment, this is Hezheng from the DevLake team. We are certainly aware of CHAOSS, and admire their work. While we are both working to bring insight and data to the development discussion, DevLake is different in some important ways:

  • CHAOSS puts more emphasis on community health and is largely designed to serve the unique needs of community-driven open-source projects. While DevLake is used by open-source projects, it is a more versatile data platform that can be used by more ‘traditional’ dev teams to drill into the aspects of the engineering process that fall outside the community-related signals.

When compared to GrimoireLab (the most similar CHAOSS project to DevLake), there are some important distinguishing features and differences:

  • DevLake allows users to define custom data transformation tasks in SQL through its dbt plugin. This enables developers to answer questions regarding their own engineering process through custom analytics.

  • DevLake defines a tool-agnostic domain schema that simplifies the metric implementation process for similar tools (e.g., GitHub vs GitLab) and also supports teams merging data from multiple similar tools.

  • DevLake provides a web interface (Config UI) to help users configure data connections, schedule data pipelines, and specify data transformation rules for data cleansing.

  • DevLake optimizes for easy setup and low DevOps costs, has fewer components, and is lighter weight

Both projects can coexist and augment each other. For example, DevLake can (and will) support CHAOSS metrics to make them easier to implement, in this way DevLake will actually be furthering the mission and vision of CHAOSS as it evolves.

Let me know if this answers your question, or if you disagree with anything here, I’d love to continue the discussion!