CHAOSS and Sustain: A Joint Podcast

Blurb: Today, our episode is a shared podcast between Sustain and CHAOSScast. Along with Richard and Pia, we have Georg Link, Venia Logan, and Brian Proffitt joining us from CHAOSScast. We had the idea to do this special episode because there’s a lot of work happening on sustaining software and understanding the health of our communities, and CHAOSS focuses on what open source development is, how it works, what communities are, and how you can find metrics to figure out how something is. So, we will learn about these metrics they use, the Diversity & Inclusion Badging Program, and the several areas that CHAOSS has to get involved in. Also, we learn about Sustain, how it started, what they do, and find out what Georg says works well for the Sustain community that brought him in. Also, find out where you can get involved in both the CHAOSS community and Sustain community. Download this episode now to find out more!