Dropping Twitter

We’ve been using Twitter to promote the podcast and Sustain work for the past few years. However, given the recent changes to the platform, including but not limited to explicit fascist and racist statements and rhetoric being allowed on the platform and encouraged by its management, I haven’t found that Twitter is a place where I want to spend any time. I don’t think Sustain should be there, either.

We have a BlueSky and a Mastodon, and we of course use LinkedIn. Given this, would anyone object if we stop using the SustainOSS twitter account permanently? I propose putting out a last Tweet saying we are abandoning the platform and just letting it die.

We would not be alone in this. ROpenSci has already stopped using Twitter entirely.


ReSA has also just made this decision. We’re setting up LinkedIn now as our community managers in Africa and Asia also suggest it as the best way to engage with their stakeholders. We will still keep using Mastodon a bit to see how it evolves, as currently it’s not ideal for us either.

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Quite sad to read that the reason to drop the Twitter is not because it is not open source, but because there is some problem with first amendment.

I moved to the Fediverse in 2018 and highly recommend it to everyone.


I don’t think it is unreasonable, although it might be worth a blog post to announce it formally.

Personally, I’d suggest a blog post and making it a permanent pause on non-urgent content on Twitter/X platform. I’d keep the account active, just in case you either need to 1) publish some sort of uber-critical announcement (think security updates if this were a product), or 2) just in case someday Twitter/X changes ownership and becomes decent again.

Guess this means I really need to find a new Fediverse client I like!

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I have 5 Bluesky invites if anyone needs one…

in iOS my fav is IceCube. On web I’m using https://elk.zone/ but it’s annoyingly missing “repost with comment” (that Mastodon annoyingly doesn’t support natively). On Android I rarely use any app (not a fan of Tusky nor the official Mastodon app.)

I’ll have to check that out, @smaffuli. And thanks, @Catallman. I have some available, too.

Here’s the blogpost. Considering this case closed! Thanks everyone.