FAANG Promo Committees are killing Kubernetes

For discussion on Friday perhaps? I won’t be able to attend unfortunately, but I don’t have any opinions on promo committees (my industry doesn’t use them).


Thanks for sharing! I think this is part of a broader issue on the difficulty measuring the impact of open source. Good topic for discussion.

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Super interesting thread, but I’m not sure if I understand it. According to the tweet, are there open-source developers who create features solely as a way to gain a work promotion? Is that the problem being discussed?

Personally to me it’s more like a lot of VC-backed companies use Kubernetes and related tools in the ecosystem as a marketing tool to get funding via open source and then basically shut down development of the OSS project when they get the funding. It’s happened a few times now…

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I read it that work on Kubernetes is not considered valuable in the described FAANG culture. This may mean that people who continue to work on it could be looked down upon. And because people don’t want to be marked as a burden for a company, they stop or avoid maintaining Kubernetes.

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