🎙 Foundations Roundtable: From Maintain to Sustain

This podcast episode is a little different. We are giving you the audio recording of a round table that was recently hosted by Duane O’Brien and Richard Littauer, about the role of foundations in open source. Our panelists today are Ewa Jodlowska, Rachel Lawson, Leah Silen, Benjamin Nickolls, Jory Burson, and Karen Sandler.

We’ll spend time talking about foundations and associations in general, the kinds of things they do, the kinds of legal structures that they may have, and how they differ from each other. They explain about the work they’ve done for their projects and some services that they offer. And then we’ll spend time talking about projects, when projects might think about reaching out to organizations, or when maintainers might think about bringing their projects to organizations. So, take a listen and enjoy! Go ahead and download this episode now!

:headphones: https://podcast.sustainoss.org/88


I really liked this format and topic. @DuaneOBrien was a really great host, kept things moving along. I hope we do more of these.