🎙 Geoffrey Huntley and Sustaining OSS with Gitpod

We just released a new podcast episode where we were joined by the amazing Geoffrey Huntley, Senior Developer Success Engineer with Gitpod. After many previous adventures involving cycling through many countries on a unicycle Geoff now lives a minimalist lifestyle in a van that is slowly working its way around Australia. On an average day™ at Gitpod you’ll find him shipping features alongside the engineering team, crafting code examples and authoring documentation.

Joined by @jdorfman, @RichardLitt, and myself, we discussed Gitpod, what he does there, why more people are adopting it, what beer money does for maintainers, and how he’s using Gitpod to try to solve the problem of maintainers sustainability. Also, Geoff shares some awesome advice to help the sustainers out there, and his advice on how to use money, which you really need to hear!

I personally loved this episode because I’m a huge fan of Gitpod. This tool makes it incredibly easy to contribute to open source without having to set up a local dev environment. One click and you’re ready to contribute!

Listen to the podcast at https://podcast.sustainoss.org/85


I loved this podcast. Geoff is an awesome advocate for open source sustainability.