Great reads - November 2018 Edition

What a month this has been for open source sustainability. Here is what I have read so far (no order):

Please share what you have been reading. cc @eric @downey @Samson_Goddy @GeorgLink @pia @elioqoshi @XhmikosR

p.s. Just because I link to something doesn’t mean I endorse it. I just find them thought provoking and/or interesting.


I recently spoke at TruffleCon on open source sustainability. I’m presenting to an audience of blockchain developers, so the message was directed to that audience. Here’s the video:


Great idea to share reading lists. I will start tracking what I read.

May I include works I wrote?
For example: Open Community Metrics and Privacy | MozFest’18 Recap


Absolutely. Plug away.

  1. I didn’t know you rapped. That is awesome. Please link to your all-time best.
  2. I love this: “ethical revenue”.
  3. :joy:
  4. You mention “Contributor”, “Maintainer” but your are missing one other important role…

One of the things on my list to read comes from the Digital Impact Alliance with their outbound reporting from a session at MozFest, Towards A More Gender-Inclusive Open Source Community (report).

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Another interesting article: Amazon’s cloud business is competing with its customers

Jay Kreps, a creator of Kafka and co-founder and CEO of Confluent, told CNBC on Thursday said, Amazon has not contributed a single line of code to the Apache Kafka open-source software.

I posted something on Twitter regarding this and the two responses got me thinking…


Just because AWS doesn’t contribute code back doesn’t mean they aren’t helping the project in another way. Maybe @zahedab can clear the air on this? At MaxCDN, we were a Nginx shop. Our platform was basically a GUI & API layer for a custom version of Nginx we distributed to each PoP. That is how we made money. We didn’t contribute code back BUT we did do other things like co-sponsored SPDY support.


  • I don’t endorse the Twitter comments, I just find them interesting
  • I never even heard of Confluent until today and that is because of CNBC looking for a juicy story which happened to be good. So that’s something right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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