Sustain Together - July Summary

The last Sustain Call for the month of July was held today. Here is a summary of all our July calls.

We hope you can join our next call on Friday, August 12th at 16:00 UTC (12 pm ET/5 pm BST).

July 1st, 2022

We had conversations about the GitHub co-pilot and how we can push GitHub to allocate certain revenue from the co-pilot to go back to the OSS ecosystem. This can become a sustainable model for most open source projects to get shares. Some other discussions that ensued

  • Do we need to specifically mention not to use the AI to write codes in our contribution agreement?
  • Licensing and Governance

Google OSPO puts in writing their plans to become better citizens in the open source space and invest in the open source ecosystem by using OpenSSF tools to make it more secure.

Our meetings are becoming more frequent with links to discuss, what can we do to ensure everyone is prepared for the next meeting and that the links are shared and accessible?

  • A newsletter with links up for discussion shared on the mailing list
  • A post in the forum to remind folks to read up!

Eriol’s Open source Research

Eriol participated in research with DIAL that pairs developer and designer to think about problems in open source generally, it was stated: “the design of open source software (in particular, poorly designed, antiquated-looking OSS) is a factor that keeps it from getting adopted”. Food for thought?

We agreed to host more Sustain ‘workshops’ at conferences around the OSS ecosystem and get more people to involved in open source sustainability.

July 15th, 2022

Omidyar Network has shared their collected thoughts on open source sustainability as everyone’s responsibility. Read here

Listen to sustain podcast on FOSS funding. The next Sustain Code of Conduct check-in will be in 6months. The current one was revised and approved.

Inflation and Open source. See what Duane O’Brien OSPO lead at Indeed had to say about Inflations’ effect on Open source Conferences and sponsorships.

July 29th, 2022

Farewell To Eclipse Library as the owner moves on. Eclipse library founder Donald Raab is taking a break to focus on other things after painting the project for over 10 years. See tweet.

Conversation starters include;

  • Are there templates on how to leave a project? Everything needs a healthy endpoint, how can maintainers and owners sign off projects and move on to other things and still keep the projects working?
  • What are your thoughts on Rage quitting?

Atlantic Council Launches Open-Source Software Security Effort

  • How do we as a transnational western world secure open source to make sure our world doesn’t break?

The Future of Open Source, or Why Open Core Is Dead. The point of this is to identify points where we can have further conversations to improve communication in the community.

  • How do we go about sustaining people who make genuine mistakes in business?
  • When it comes to open source business, what role do the OS community and people who hold OS policies play?
  • What steps can we take to make sure people don’t have to depend on luck?

Finally, a closing remark from Tobie Langel ‘Open Source in and of itself is not a thing that will help you make a business, make it open source if it matches your business.’

Readings: * Atlantic Council Launches Open-Source Software Security Effort, The Future of Open Source, or Why Open Core Is Dead, Open source citizenship panel: What do we owe each other?, Hubble.

July Contributors: @abbycabs @Lauren_Gardner, ronen , Victory brown @coni2k @anthonyronda @Anita_Ihuman , RichardLitt , JoshuaPoddoku @nas @rachel_norfolk django, @Erioldoesdesign @tobie


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