How can we better sustain our Directories of Open Source Projects?

Hey Sustain,

finding new users is one of the largest challenges for open-source projects. One popular way to do that is by adding projects to an awesome list. Unfortunately, these lists have two key problems in common:

  • Readers do not know what is been added since the last visit. That’s why these lists are mostly interesting for newcomers to the topic.
  • Many awesome lists are not self-sustained and keep dying after a certain time.

To tackle this problem we discussed a very simple improvement in the open-source marketing group. A Twitter bot running in continuous integration that creates tweets about new project entries.

Since open-source projects are more widely distributed this way, it is also more interesting for contributors to add new projects. We integrated the bot successfully on and The reader can now just follow our Twitter account to receive updates. It is semi-automated at the moment, meaning that maintainers can decide in the commit message how the tweet looks like and if a tweet is been created. Contributors can purpose a tweet message as the title of the pull request is been used in the commit message of the merge.

What do you think about the current implementation? I know that we have some awesome maintainers here like @RichardLitt or @jdorfman. Is this useful for you guys?

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This is cool! I tend to moderate my awesome-lists on a very ad-hoc basis. However, I think that this tool could probable be extended. Have you seen

@gr2m might have thoughts on this. I’ll share this discussion with him. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have seen that and it would be nice to cooperate on that. The current implementation of awesome-twitter-action was created after we collected some requirements with the other maintainers that are based on our workflow. The action grabs the first line with a https string from the commit message or comment field. The only problem that we see is that we don’t know when more than 160 signs are created.