Idea: Sustainable Best Practices Badge

The idea is to establish a checklist of best practices for sustainable open source communities. We could follow the same model that the CII Best Practices Badge has for security best practices. Communities voluntarily sign up to achieve a badge and provide public evidence for following sustainable best practices. A Sustainable Best Practices Badge :1st_place_medal: application tracks this information, serves as a place for checking the status of a community’s badge, and provides badges that communities can display on their repositories, websites, blogs, newsletters, marketing material. With wide adoption, this badge becomes a quality signal for open source communities. Foremost, the badge serves as a checklist for communities to review their practices and improve where necessary.

Open to discussion. What do you think?


To further the conversation, I wrote a blog post with background about the idea and how it could work:


That is great work. Tweeted.

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Maybe we should mention this in the Manifesto? E.g. FOSS project SHOULD have CII Best Practices “passing” level criteria.

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Going back to the conversation that started the idea for the badge: We should separate best practices from principles or we loose sight of what we are trying to accomplish.

I view the Manifesto as principles that don’t say how specifically we achieve out goals. The CII Best Practices Badge is a specific means or best practice and belongs somewhere else.

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