NFTs for funding FOSS - an experiment

The Lunduke Journal has started a funding campaign for Open Source projects since Jaunary of 2022. The idea was collecting funds for different projects each month, depending of the success from the NFT sales. It’s been passed 4 months since…

Although “The Lunduke Journal” is a very popular YouTube channel, there wasn’t enough enthusiasm from people to participate in the NFT campaign. I wonder why…

Obligatory posting of a video describing some of the foundational issues with NFTs.

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Maybe because only 5% of the sale price goes to FOSS projects?

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It would’ve been better if open source badges (that resembles the contributions) are converted into NFT.

Not totally agreeing with the opinion but it’s just an idea.

From what I understand, the basic principle of NFT as it is sold in a way to recognize the efforts of art.

Open source contribution is also an art.

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