Polar.sh - Senior Frontend Engineer job posting working on OSS for funding OSS

Looks interesting.


Thanks Richard! looks very interesting indeed

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I am not sure what is the best place to discuss https://polar.sh/ platform. Looks like they are building open source bounty platform like Bountysource but where bounties are closed by maintainers.

As “a freelancer”, I don’t think bounties work, although for Extract and host wheel METADATA on upload by abitrolly · Pull Request #9972 · pypi/warehouse · GitHub I would appreciate somebody paying maintainers to review and merge stuff without resolving to personal conflicts. In freelance, you need to reach an agreement which is a balance what is possible and what is wanted. Sometimes a beauty is unachievable, but proof needs expenses of time, which is shared between parties with the help of money.

I like the design. My next idea was for companies to be able to sponsor work post-fact, because individuals rarely have extra money to spend. In my country for sure. Like the backlog lists time, but then companies can claim things their engineers find usable. This at least somehow connects companies to people. Otherwise the companies incentive is to replace maintainers and people with their processes like https://opensourceindex.io/

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Seems like a correct appraisal to me. It’s an interesting idea. I wonder what the VC pitch was.

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