Principles of Authentic Participation: continuing the Sustain conversation

I think an advocate kit makes sense. I’m just aware that notes as notes don’t travel well, and the goal of disseminating information is to pass it on. A page on the website, like the Sustain Manifesto, would also work well, I think.

Good point. My initial thought was to publish this on the same site as the Principles so it all lives together. But I could also do an online article with an overview of the Principles and leave that as a descriptive resource for others in the future. This could go on my personal blog, the Sustain website,, or a number of other places…

I’m still sitting on this for a bit.

To give an update in this thread, I shared a first draft of the Advocate Kit here:

I split it out as a new thread from this one since the thread is months old and starting to get super long!

Going a bit off the wall here, and with full credit to Stormy Peters who mentioned this today in the Open Source Hallway Track videoconference…

We need to find a graphic artist who can use this as inspiration for a branding image for the Principles!


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Not sure if you are serious or joking, but this makes a good point! We could collaborate with the Design & UX Working Group. Or at least ask them for pointers:

I am joining a call for the Design Working Group tomorrow. If there is an open floor discussion, I’ll plug this as a discussion topic.

Completely serious, although I understand that this sort of vehicle sign/sticker tends to be a US thing :slight_smile:


Hey folks. My final action item for this Working Group is a blog post that talks about how this collaboration unfolded from February to May. I have a blog post draft done, but I am not really happy with it. I can’t put my finger on why though.

Any feedback is appreciated on my draft (this is not public yet):

I will probably end up publishing this sometime next week.

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The post is titled “A story about Principles of Authentic Participation”, but never defines what is this “authentic participation” instead referencing to which doesn’t define it either. Rather saying that this is the main page for these principles, and the purpose of principles is to define a core set of principles.

Maybe it is too high level for me, but in the end I don’t see how to check that the principles that the group drafted correspond to any measurable goals that the group had set in the first place. The story is not about principles or their goal, but about the process, and maybe because I didn’t get the definition of what “authentic participation principle” is I fail to see the value in describing the process in such detail.

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After reading the blog post, I understand it mainly reports on your experience as a facilitator for the working group. However, the starting paragraph is a bit misleading, as it includes a set of open questions not answered later (e.g., what are the principles). This is maybe what @abitrolly also comment. I think this issue can easily be fixed rephrasing that starting paragraphs.

The overview section is the main driver of the post. In my case, it encouraged me to read on :slight_smile:

While the first and third points are short and descriptive, I was expecting more content in the second point (i…e, “Facilitation, Roosevelt-style”), where you describe your experience. In particular, you shared your feelings about the first fireside chats, but I would like to know more about the other chats and how they evolved (and what you learned). I think this kind of information is precious for other facilitators (like me).

I believe these ideas could improve the article, but note that it is informative and useful per se. Thanks for sharing it!

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Thanks, the feedback is helpful. My goal is to document the process, especially for other facilitators, in this specific post. I’m going to work through the feedback today to reorganize the opening paragraph and expand on the second half of the post.

True. :smile: This is what happens when I decide to change focus of what I am writing halfway through.

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Hi folks! I published my blog post with edits this afternoon:

I think I was able to address the earlier feedback while also focusing on the “how we did it” aspect instead of “what are they”.

With this published, I do not have any future plans to facilitate or lead work on this Working Group. I will watch out on the GitHub repo for folks to bring their stories. I might also do some outreach and collection of my own too. But for now, we are going dormant.

It doesn’t mean we will never meet or never talk about these Principles again… but I am out of agenda items and topics. If anyone else wants to facilitate a follow-up conversation or raise other questions, I’m here for it! :raised_hands:

Thanks everyone who participated in the discussions and ideation process since February. I’m proud of what we pulled off, and I’m glad we could be a model for other Sustainers in the community too! :heart: