Design & UX working group

Hi folx! I took the action item to summarize today’s meeting notes in this thread:

2020 May 21 meeting (notes)

Attendees (x8)


High-level overviews of what we discussed:

Design Documentation & links with the Documentation WG

  • Documentation is first place where people can decide if they want to get involved
  • Design Documentation
    • User + Developer documentation > Design Documentation
    • Communication norms
    • Information Architecture of Docs
    • (@Erioldoesdesign) What if there was open source design docs like the default code of conducts? Things that are like, copy-a-ble or ‘start your repo with asking for design help’
    • E.g. Memo’s helped with information architecture of docs hub when funded to work on docs and it was well received by the team.
  • What is the Sustain Docs WG focusing on?
    • @ChrisChinchilla is holding office hours on documentation
    • Documenting resources on documentation
    • How to write good docs
  • What are the how-tos that would be useful for new open source designers?
    • How to create and document a pattern library
    • How to make project bugs/issues approachable and inclusive for designers
    • Best practices for design mentorship in open source [?]
    • Best practices for open collaborative design ?

Resource Ideas

Credit & Design in Open Source

  • (@jwf) Aside: Related to Bernard’s point, different demographics have different experiences with receiving appropriate credit for their work
    • Collab: Licensing WG on things like outreach materials about Creative Commons licenses for designers? (might be a stretch…)
    • Often women but also other underrepresented demographics have different experiences with asking for and receiving credit
  • (@jwf) How to talk about Open Design to open source developers
    • “Advocate kit”-esque tool to help build better understanding and context for what goes into Design work and to help the wider development community get more visibility into Design work

How to share Design Work openly

Existing Resources to pull together

  • USABLE Tools
  • OSD
  • SimSec Knowledge base docs
  • OpenDesign

Working Group Page on Sustain Site

  • Purpose
    • Help contribute to a roadmap for how design contributes to open source sustainability
    • How design can help the sustain mindset
    • Defining / providing best practices and guidance on sustainable design
    • Storytelling about example practices
  • Goals:
    • Create a community space for design conversations related to open source!
    • Support projects around usability, design and adoption
    • Share resources
  • Guiding questions
  • Reports and documents
    • @benjam: Not a report or doc but in 2018, 24 Pull Requests added the ability to credit any contribution (24 PRs is @teabass and me)
  • Resources
    • Existing & In Progress
  • How to get involved
    • @jwf: Say hi on this Discourse thread, attend a monthly video meeting?

Action item follow-up

Actions from the last meeting & who (if anyone) can/will take on stuff (not obligatory). Make a list & divvy it up?

(@jwf) Principles of Authentic Participation: Design component for the future of this work? Collab opportunity??

We ran over on time. Will bring it up another time: