Searching good digestible presentation about FLOSS and Commons

After being confronted with confusing statements and understanding of Open Source and Free Software I decided to finally give a talk in “my” community.

The audience will mainly be leftish eco-people with limited horizon regarding technology and business model impacts. They care greatly about human interaction, cultural change, peace, sustainability, ecology and have strong values.

Does anybody have recommendations of light, heartful, sweet, simple to comprehend talks and/or presentations touching FLOSS and commons-topics?

I will give the talk in German and have a strong (although academically superficial) opinion about free knowledge and a deep understanding of Free/ Open Source software, but I’d like to show the bigger picture - i.e. what happens/can happen when there is a nonfree monopoly on technology critical for information sharing, presentation and processing in a traditional for-profit company that acts globally from a country whose regulations you cannot influence by your own democratic vote.

I do not want to teach about Software Development and different licensing, but more about the hopes (and illusions) attached to common intellectual goods and problems that can arise from not having them.

I believe the metaphors I will use are the tradtional almende regulations, cooking recipes, classical music/songs, mathematical formulas (pythogoras) and I only want to spotlight connected ideas and issues.


I’ve often found that if I start with the Creative Commons site and some of their media about standard copyright and their offerings that’s a solid start. Then I just say that due to the intricacies related to software, and the pre-existing licenses, CC doesn’t recommend using their stuff.

I then hop over to and just use their top level explanations of the different license types connecting back to the CC stuff.

That seems to work for most folks.

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