Sustain Episode #35: Rachel Lawson / Drupal Association

In this episode, we have Rachel Lawson, from the U.K., who is the Community Liaison for Drupal Association. She is going to tell you all about the Drupal Association, what role she plays, and what she does. Since DrupalCon has been canceled due to COVID-19, there are some major things going on with sponsors that are still contributing money, the founder of Drupal making an unbelievable donation, as well as some other campaigns and match donations happening!


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@rachel_norfolk | Drupal Association


[00:20:54] “We’ve been going through a process at Drupal association about raising money and we have a campaign on at the moment called Drupal cares (#DrupalCares) and you will notice there is quite a lot going on with that.”

[00:23:33] “If just downloading Drupal or downloading any open source projects isn’t enough, you need the services around it, the support around it, regular security updates so where you can work on new code and have thousands and thousands of thousands of continuous integration tests run every time you say, “Hey, I propose that we do this new thing in Drupal!”

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