Sustain OSS Tee Shirts

Same here!

It is great to see the momentum :smiley:

if you wana jumper… I have the power to make that happen :wink:

I took another look and couldn’t see women’s specific sizing but please do let me know if you find anything:

If you wana jumper or hoody I could also make that happen, details over at Rapanui Clothing

I would love a hoody!!!

I expect they are more expensive and I should donate a bit more for that?

If you are able that would be cool thanks.

Hi Benjamin, thank you the opportunity to order these beautiful shirts. As discussed via PM I would love to have one man in purple XL. Thank you so much!


So Iw as ordering these today and they do have sizing information for ‘womens’ products in their ordering process:

If @Erioldoesdesign @allman @awright @pia and you could post/DM me I’ll get this ordered.

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Hoody - Mens - Size L

Now we have that sizing chart - I can be more specific - size 16 please!!!

Hi Scott :-). How’s you bee?

Hoody - Mens - Size L

Right these are on their way to my house. I will be forwarding them when they arrive next week. I’ll reach out to each of you for your forwarding addresses. Thank you for your patience!


Please a photo of the stacks of shirts/hoodies is requested for funsies


I ‘d need a shirt too


I would say that they get 9/10 for sustainability (well, how sustainable can you be printing tee shirts?) and a 7/10 for print quality. The print works very well on the lighter colours and less well on the darker colours due to some of the weave showing.

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okay folks i have and opportunity to post these out TOMORROW so I’ll reach out for your postal addresses.


Thanks @benjam! I’m super excited :tada:

This is awesome. Thanks @benjam!