Sustain OSS Tee Shirts

Hey folks

I decided that I liked the designs on the podcast site so much that it would be cool to combine them and print them on a tee shirt.

I put a job ad up on open source desgin (thanks @Erioldoesdesign for the recommendation) and I got a pretty immediate response. Adithya has put together a Warhol-eqsue design and I’m going to get some printed for myself and the team:

But you might want one too…

If that’s the case the please let me know:

  • what ‘style’ you would like (‘mens’,‘womens’)
  • what colour(s) you would like (see below)
  • what size(s) you would like (XS to XXL see below for sizing)

Donate $30 per tee using the new tee shirt tier I’ve created over at SustainOSS - Open Collective


Tees will be printed on 100% organic cotton, sustainbily sourced, made using renewable energy and delivered in plastic-free packaging by Rapanui Clothing.

Colours for ‘mens’ are (left to right, top to bottom)

white, athletic grey, black, bright blue, dark grey, denim blue, moss green, mustard, navy blue, pink, purple and, red wine.

Screenshot 2021-04-29 at 11.35.57

Colour for ‘womens’ are

white, athletic grey, black, cherry, khaki, moss green, mustard, navy blue, pink, purple.

Screenshot 2021-04-29 at 11.35.51

Sizing info below:


Yay! An aside, this sounds like something that should be a standard consideration for producing OSS community swag. I wonder if there is a Working Group that might want to take up that topic?

yeah i kinda think that swag is a bit of a thing in general, thus my asking for folks to donate. I’ll order some for organisers of events so they can represent (and we can say thank you).

  • Mens
  • navy blue
  • L


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  • what ‘style’ you would like (‘mens’,‘womens’)
  • what colour(s) you would like (see below)
  • what size(s) you would like (XS to XXL see below for sizing)

‘Womens’ PINK S

If we do an in-person sustain event we could have a t-shirt workshop where we do cool stuff to them like idk tie-dye, embroider, cut up etc.

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I’d love one! womens, pink, large

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OMG I can totally get into that. I used to go to ‘Pick Me Up’ which was an arts festival put on my Anthony Burrill each year that was very hands on. I’m sure we could set up some silk screens too. Great idea TY!

Just FYI I am going to leave this thread open for at least a couple of weeks so that I dont have to repeat order too much. If you have friends who might like a tee shirt please point them in this direction and I’ll do the same.

I’m with Eriol on the tie-die, embroidery, etc. With that being said – I’d love men’s small pink!

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I’ll go for the dark gray men in M!

Love this idea, thank you @benjam

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Thanks memo, I’ll be sending off an order at some point in the next couple of weeks. 'Till then please encourage others to request.

Women’s / Mustard / S Thank you!!

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Lovely idea, thanks @benjam!

Since two of my friends are also interested in:

  • Men’s - Denim - L
  • Men’s - Khaki - M
  • Women’s - Cherry - S
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Great idea!!

Women’s moss green in size Xl I think (t-shirts are a nightmare - a M in one and an XL in another seem to be the same!!)


okay folks, I’m ordering these on wednesday so last chance.

Mens XXL denim blue. Thanks!

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They look great but I don’t wear many tees so I’ll pass :slight_smile:

I hope you’re all doing great!



Just donated to get a tee. Is there a sizing guide for women’s shirts? It’s never the same as the men’s sizing. Happy to look it up myself if you provide name of company. Thanks!

Oh hey there Cat, I just recently started lurking around Sustain OSS. Happy to see you hear! [waves]