Evidence-Based Sustainability from GitLab Commit 2021

I am watching GitLab Commit Virtual 2021: Evidence-Based Open-Source Sustainabilit... right now and it is quite interesting to revisit once talks will be uploaded. Here is the full schedule for the Open Stage where is this happening GitLab Commit Virtual 2021: Schedule For Events @

The key take away is how GitLab can be customized to track various types of contributions and give credits where due.


I also like the approach that Tim Lehnen and Matthew Tift propose.

We talked about it on CHAOSScast Episode 39: Leaderboards and Metrics at Drupal.org with Matthew Tift and Tim Lehnen

Here’s the GitLab issue where Tim proposed extending GitLab for better tracking contributions:

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Actually @mtift is one of the speakers and can probably share more. )

And here comes the video.


Changed the title, because it is probably the only talk that addresses open source sustainability directly.