Sustain DEI WG meeting summary: December 8th 2023

Hello everyone!

Here’s a summary of our meeting from Friday 8th December,

During the last call, most of our members could not make it to the call. So Anna and I chatted about some of the topics.

Here are the Takeaways

  • DEI resources and reference guides: [Anna]We should include general introductory content on DEI & open source, also add gender programs and resources. [Anita] Added a category that offers grants and funding for underrepresented group, and looked for more programs and communities on Accessibility

  • How do we align our goals for 2024?: [Justin’s comment] mentioned that another goal worth looking into is finding more ways to share common DEI building blocks between communities. [Anna] This is an essential topic that needs the input of everyone on the team.

  • An Open Letter to the Python Software Foundation: [Anita] This topic can be extended to the general public via our podcasts or a webinar, but that could be included in our activities for 2024. [Anna]This would be a worthy discussion for this working group, so I would be more inclined to plan a podcast to discuss this more.

    • Should we create a podcast on this @RichardLitt or make this a webinar?

Action Items:

  • Identify more programs that cater to folks with disability, gender programs, and OSS grants for underrepresented groups

  • Alert @RichardLitt of a possible podcast topic on this discussion: Open Letter to the Python Software Foundation

  • Using this voting poll, we will determine if we should have a brief meeting to discuss our goals for 2024 or have async discussions on discourse.

Should we have a brief meeting this week on Friday? An hour before Sustain together
  • Yes, I will be available
  • No, I will not be available, but I will follow up in the chat
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You can refer to the meeting notes for the full discussions - Thanks to Anita for taking Notes: Sustain DEI WG Discussions

Additional feedback on these discussions are also welcome. If you have any comments/questions/remarks, please feel free to add them to the document.

Attendees: @Anita_Ihuman @Anna_Ayoung-Stoute

Next Call: ** To be announced after our Poll **

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Thanks, Anita!

  • Who is the best person to talk to about the Python issue? I am happy to have someone come on the Podcast about it.
  • I can’t make it this Friday, as I will be involved in one of the annual Christmas Bird Counts in my area. Happy to do work async.
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Sure I believe Anna-makarudze @Abigail Mesrenyame Dogbe, @coni2k and Ruth Ikegah would have more insight on this topic.