Sustain DEI WG meeting summary: Nov 10th 2023

Hello everyone!

Here’s a summary of our meeting from Friday 10th November,

The main topic was setting up a governance structure for the working group, choosing a more suitable communication channel, and initiating the first project.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Using Discourse or Slack for community communication: We settled with creating a Discourse category for this WG so we can start discussions using the

  • Using Jupyter Notebook to curate a landscape of existing DEI resources and programs for easy referencing to OSS communities. We have starting curating a list of resources using g Etherpad OpenDev Etherpad

  • We discussed how to identify and define clear roles and guidelines for this WG.

Action Items:

  • Add in any DEI guides, resources, or programs, you are familiar with for the DEI Landscape Document here
  • Develop a document that outlines the role and WG guidelines.
  • We now have a DEI WG Category on the Sustain discourse; follow up with conversations there.

You can refer to the meeting notes for the full discussions - Thanks to Richards & Anita for taking Notes: Sustain DEI WG Discussions

Additional feedback on these discussions are also welcome. If you have any comments/questions/remarks, please feel free to add them to the document.

Attendees: @RichardLitt, @Anita_Ihuman @jonatoni @Anna_Ayoung-Stoute @glauesppen @Ibiam

Next Call: Friday, November 24th at 16:00pm UTC


Hey, I am sorry to have missed this, but it is very exciting to see this group picking back up! I am seeing some familiar names in the attendee list. :slightly_smiling_face:

I skimmed through the notes and saw there was a lot of conversation about governance. I may have missed it, but I was not clear on the purpose, vision, or goals for the revival of this working group. Is it clear what the working group wants to accomplish in the long-term? Is the focus on curating a general list of resources? How does this compare to the work done at Open Source Diversity or CHAOSS?

I am trying to understand better what this group wants to accomplish and if I can help support with my time and energy from the things we are doing over in the Fedora DEI Team.


Its cool Justin; we have another meeting today. You can join in and add a topic of interest as well: Sustain DEI WG Discussions To answer your questions, this WG was revived as a result of the feedback received under this discussion.

So, in our last two meetings, we have discussed some goals this WG will champion, curating DEI resources being one of them.

We are open to more suggestions and would love to learn from your work at the Fedora DEI Team.

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I am on a long stretch of time-off/vacation, so I missed the last one and I will also miss the next one. :sweat_smile: That said, I do want to keep following along here. I left some comments on the next agenda doc. I have the goals doc open too and will try to review it, but likely won’t get time until later in December.

I would be curious to get peoples’ thoughts on this recent article in the next meeting:

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I thought this was an interesting topic that touches on a lot of angles Inclusivity in Open-source funding & grants, as well as location inclusivity. I’m looking to hear more thoughts on this as well.

Thanks for including this, Justin.