Sustain DEI WG meeting summary: Nov 24th 2023

Hello everyone!

Here’s a summary of our meeting from Friday 24th November,

As a result of the tThanksgiving holiday, we had mostly first-time attendees. Hence, I took the opportunity to introduce this WG and its goals.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • We discussed on the ongoing tast of curating DEI resources. Abigial suggested we have more descriptive information for each resource listed to help users.

Action Items:

  • We are still curating DEI guides, resources, or programs you are familiar with for the DEI Landscape Document here

You can refer to the meeting notes for the full discussions - Thanks, Anita for taking Notes: Sustain DEI WG Discussions

If you have any comments/questions/remarks, please feel free to add them to the document.

Attendees: @Anita_Ihuman @Brayan Kai Mwanyumba @Abigail Mesrenyame Dogbe @Mugeha_Laura @Busayo Ojo @gvlx

Next Call: Friday, December 8th at 16:00pm UTC


Hey team, I think the meeting link is not in the WG calendar :slight_smile: Just advising because people might forget about the schedule day.

Thanks for the recap. I will also try to add comments to the reboot goals doc in the meantime:

Thank you for pointing that out. I believe I sorted that out by sending a meeting invite with the link. Do let me know if it’s working now.