Sustainers Manifesto

We have a definition “sustainer—the individual or organization who is concerned with the fragile state and future of highly-used and impactful open source projects”

I think the next step is writting a manifesto similar to the following:

Would love to hear your thoughts.


Related from 2015, this manifesto on sustainability design:


Started something, before I create a repo I want to flesh it out.

Comments on, if you want editing access PM me your gmail.


The Maintainers stand as another, broader cultural sustainability community and discussion.

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Good call, we definitely need to partner with them. Mehdi was in one of my breakouts and I like his ideas.

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I added to the document, specifically wording the Principles.

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You rock, checking them out now.

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Great work @GeorgLink, I’m going to get some feedback before releasing.

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A few thoughts on “Sustainers Pledge”.

What is the goal of this section? Do we want to create a pledge that individual maintainers make? OR Do we want to create a pledge for the SustainOSS organization? — Since we forked the manifest from Mozilla, they created a pledge for the organization. I see the Principles to be the pledge that individual maintainers make.

With above clarified focus, I added three points to the list of what SustainOSS does:

  1. Organize Sustain Summit
  2. Provide SustainOSS Discourse Forum
  3. Define and establish the word ‘Sustainer’

Further “Pledge” suggestions by @Jaskirat Singh were:

  1. Build and enable open-source technologies and communities that support the Manifesto’s principles;

  2. Build and deliver open source solutions that support the Manifesto’s principles and span the entire world;

These items are great on the surface and I am not sure what they specifically mean. How do they translate to things that SustainOSS is or wants to be doing?

TBH I only had it in there because I forked the manifesto from Mozilla. Not sure if we should keep it or not.

I did added some comments along with contents for Principal and advancing manifesto


Thank you, I will take a look asap.

Let’s determine the purpose of the Manifesto before writing further sections. I see two options: (1) The manifesto describes what SustainOSS is about, aspires to, and does; (2) The manifesto describes what Sustainers are about, aspire to, and do.

I am okay with either, but need the direction to know what we are writing.

cc: @Jaskirat @downey @jdorfman

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Thanks for raising this.
I think both are appropriate at their positions.
So we should move forward with that what SustainOSS is about , seeking and aspiring sustainers to raise up good missions, directing them to the appropiate open source stuff that can really be helpful to others which they will develop.

You bring up a great point. I need more time to determine. Do you think we need to just choose 1?

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We could decide to write a manifest for both, SustainOSS organization and sustainers. If so, we should clearly delineate which section is about whom.

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After thinking about it for a few days, this version should be “Sustainers”. I will start making necessary edits. Down the line, if we want to do one for the “SustainOSS” then we can.

Hey what does this sepecifically mean ?

It was something I started and then abandoned. Should probably archive it.