Design & UX working group

Yes, we’ve talked. Please feel free to invite me. My personal email is

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Done, I believe! This event is also on the Sustain WG Calendar.

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The working group meeting is later today at 16.00 GMT time!

Notes doc here: SustainOSS UX & Design Working Group - Google Docs

Just wanted to share spontaneous appreciation for @Erioldoesdesign in helping drive and facilitate our WG meetings thus far. We never discussed leadership roles or facilitation or anything, Eriol stepped up to do it and I have been grateful for it. Looking forward for ways we can distribute the load more equitably and help each other out!

We have good conversations, it’s why I keep showing up. :grinning:

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Hey folks!

So our next Sustain Design & UX meeting is on Thursday 13th of May at 16.00 GMT UK time and I’ve noticed a request from @brownie to speak in-depth about the topic of:

OSCA - supporting designing into contributions

As per the request in the last session, let’s really spend the time diving into this topic and find out what the working group can support or wants to support going forward.

If I can ask everyone who may have done any async actions since the last meeting to pop them in the agenda doc async that’d be great, that way we can keep an eye on stuff that’s being done that might go under the radar and also requests for any support!

Here’s our agenda doc again:

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Thanks for thie Eriol. Happy to help with this. Does this refer to FOSS contributions in general, or more targeted to things like job postings on the site?

I should have more clearly explained! OSCA stands for Open Source Community Africa ( so we’ll be talking specifically about supporting designer contributors within this context.

You’re very welcome to join to discuss though!


We’re here if anyone is joining this meeting: Cambiado: Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 989 9970 2615 Passcode: 497647

@brownie and @Peace_Ojemeh we were gonna talk about OSCA

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Joining now. Been waiting on the other line.

We’ve updated to here:

I got logged out. Is this error from my part?

Sorry for the zoom problems everyone! We’ll sort this problem for the next meetings.

Notes from the meeting are here

The tl;dr is:

We intro’d, had some zoom problems which now poses the question of where we meet when a zoom link is locked by a host? (See options below)

We then discussed OSCA in-depth with @Peace_Ojemeh @brownie Victory and @isaaczara .

Moving forward

There are two proposals

  1. We spend next meeting talking through what @Memo_Es has been working on ‘open design’

  2. We spend meetings creating the resources and working through some of the things that were identified as wespoke about supporting OSCA design efforts. e.g. A session on building an OVIO list of issues, recording a conversation of how to find issues to work on as a designer, how to ask for help as a designer etc.

The actions are:

AP: JWF asked for the book club to be x-posted in other communities: UX Reading Group - #8 by jwf < DONE

AP: Look at where we hold events especially with zoom hosting rights etc.

AP: We need to follow up with Bryan re. Podcast episode.

AP: Eriol will follow up ‘Want to webinar github monthly - Phoenix Perry.’

AP: Eriol will follow up Simply secure model - Ask Molly or a sim sec person to come in?

AP: Eriol will post on discourse potential ways forward and what we can focus on


Hey all,I just wanted to check in and notice that I had two calendar invites for the next sustain design & UX meeting - one for today (3rd June) and one for next week (10th June) I think the 10th is the accurate one so just noting that here!


Sounds good to me. See you next week!

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Just a reminder that we have our Sustain Design and UX call this Thursday at 16.00 UK BST time.

Please see agenda here!

We intend to either:

1. Continue to build on resources that are actively useful for OSCA, Open Source Design & Sustain Design & UX WG which are listed in the notes agenda doc and here:

  1. Try to figure out how to manage the org and scale it - both internal and externally - introduce projects and contribute more.
  2. Don’t know how to get started on design in OSS (Zara has been showing people how to find work to work on.)
  3. Build on guiding and mentoring processes and resources.
  4. Build on how orgs can begin to support product design and lack of understanding and support.
  5. Start a resource around how OSS works including git, github and gitlab.
  6. Build a list of how designers can access OSS orgs via typical comms channels.
  7. Help guides for designers who can’t find projects and issues, perhaps through building an OVIO list and widget.

Taiga board issue here

or / and

Many of the Design & UX working group wanted to talk about: 3. We all want to talk about IP in OSS when projects close out and want to move.

Please also not there’s a section in the doc now where you can add any updates to ongoing WG tasks under a section titled ’ Updates on WIP and requests for support!

Where are we meeting today? Are we starting with

We are meeting back at our usual zoom: Launch Meeting - Zoom

I prepped the agenda doc for next Sustain UX & Design working group meeting on the 8th of July! see here: SustainOSS UX & Design Working Group - Google Docs

  1. We need a volunteer to do a 15 min demo of something they do in design & open source e.g. last time Eriol did a mini demo about how they do onboarding and design circle calls for designers in the open source projects they work on.

  2. We should think about what conversation or collaborative work we want to work on in the meeting.

  3. We need to get podcast guests for SOSdesign!

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Thank you for sharing the agenda doc for next week’s meeting @Erioldoesdesign!

  • I can volunteer and demo the work I’ve been doing to open up the design of, hopefully, this year :crossed_fingers:t3:
  • Regarding that demo, I can also think of an activity that helps us get some insights and at the same time provide something valuable to the assistants.

If it’s ok, I can update the document this week so folks can know what to expect :slight_smile:

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Thanks for hosting today @Memo_Es :heart: It was so good to hear about the work that’s gone into how the Open Collective team are approaching open design and open source design :smiley:

So the notes are updated in our collaborative doc here

I’ve also prepped next months template meeting so please scroll past that for today’s notes!

I personally would love to spend some time next month on this topic:

"Create a resource around how to help an OSS org scale design understanding - both internally (within contributors and users) and externally (non-users)."

My self and Abigail Makolo had done a workshop for ‘maintainers and developers’ at All things open 2020 (See the miro workboard here)

And Justin had thoughts and insights from the resource they have been building at UNICEF:

I think we can have a good conversation and perhaps think about what kind of resource would work here? Perhaps a series of videos? Activities? further workshops? Async workshop like ‘activities’?

But of course, if folx want to talk about another topic that’s cool!

We also need two volunteers for the August meeting :sunglasses:

  1. Volunteer to lead the meeting
  2. Volunteer to give a 15 min recorded demo or quick show and tell about some design + OSS practice (previously Eriol did one about onboarding designers to OSS projects and meeting structures and Memo took us through the Open Collective ‘open organism’ document that drives design forward in the OSS org.
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