Design & UX working group


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For those interested, I’m tweeting about what I do as an OSS designer on the imakefoos account this week! :


Hi folks! I am super bummed that I will miss the Working Group meeting this Thursday. I have a one-time all-hands meeting that conflicted last minute.

Please update the Taiga board during the meeting, and I’ll follow up on the board later. Also let me know if I can help with anything for the podcast, not sure what we will follow up with there this week.

I enjoyed watching the Twitter feed that week :grinning:

I saw the notes from today’s call, thanks for this. I added a green color to the “podcast topic” tag, so it appears clearly on the board:

Screenshot of Taiga card with the new colored tag

I went with green just because, but color settings are here if anyone wants to try different options.

Also, can we start sending a Calendly link around to some of the folks we want to invite on the podcast? Or should we do a final pass on our list before sending out links?

Looks like it was a busy meeting today, but thanks for taking great notes. :tada:

We did our best with the notes! But thanks @jwf!

@RichardLitt does have the calendly link ready so I think we can start sending it out, but I wonder if we should have some process so we know who’s reaching out to whom? and/or if we want to put some information about the podcast on the working group page so we can give people more info when we reach out?


One thing we could do is just use Taiga to show who has reached out to whom. Let’s do that? Can we make another board?

I als agree about updating the WG page. Any volunteers? :slight_smile:

I’m worried that the time will be impossible for guests in Europe, though…

True! I wasn’t thinking about the times when we talked about that earlier @RichardLitt!

Maybe we just need some more times that we can offer when 2+ of us are available?

That’s what we do on Sustain; we have a European time, an East Coast time, and a PST time. Whoever can show up does.

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How about this for the info about the podcast:

"The sustain Design & UX working group discovered that the very conversations they were having on uncovering outputs, resources and of the needs of the OSS community regarding design and UX were valuable in and of themselves. These conversations develed into the complex and experiential aspects of sustaining design and UX withing OSS that are often harder to communicate through written documentation and resources. With the Sustaining Open Source Design (SOS Design) podcast, we’re able to explore these nuaces and experiences through conversations with those that drive the working group and the wider design and open source community through inviting guests.

In the SOS Design podcast we’ll be tackling topics like, how designers navigate there contributions to OSS, how they facilitate spaces for other, new to OSS designers to contribute, how we advocate in OSS and design spaces, what design does and can do for OSS projects and how we explore sustaining OSS through the participation of designers and uxers.

Join the regular SOS Design hosts and guests as we dig into these topics and many more."

^^^ take this as an effort to put some writing on the ‘blank page’ and please feel free to heavily edit if you see where word smithing can be improved!


I love it! Either me or @RichardLitt can facilitate getting this published on the Sustain website. Any objections?


Who would object?

I’m happy to do this. :smiley:


Hey folks, I have the next Sustain UX & Design WG meeting in my calendar for Thurs 14th at UK time 16.00 - Just checking this is correct!

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Yes! This is correct. Looking forward to seeing you there.

For everyone who doesn’t have that invite, you can find the event details here: Sustain WGs. Email or DM me too, if you’d like to be included in the invite via email.

Hi Folks!

I messaged in slack about this, and a few of us were talking about pushing it back a week if that’d work for people? There’s a conflicting community call for the HRCD Community (

I actually have a conflict both weeks, so I’ll need to coordinate with someone about hosting (@RichardLitt, @Erioldoesdesign, @jwf or others?)



I’m happy to push back to the following week (21st Jan) because I’d like to make the HRCD community call too (even though there’s two)

Do you need to pass zoom hosting rights to someone? if not we can share hosting role I reckon but not if the zoom is reliant on you.


@georgiamoon can you change the invite to the week after? That works for me. I also have a conflict this week, so next week is better. I’m happy to host it, if you want to cancel it and have me set up an event, or I can just send you my Zoom link to use.

I’ll update the event and the coordinate with @RichardLitt around hosting.

Are folks interested in moving over to a Big blue button instance that we are using ? Or want to stick with Zoom?


Happy with BBB or zoom!

keen to know if folks in other places find zoom or BBB better so happy to go with the most accessible.

Frankly, I prefer Zoom from a usability perspective. I know it isn’t open source.

OK — sounds good. @RichardLitt — If you can send me a meeting link for January then you all shouldn’t have problems meeting without me this month!

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